Sunday, April 8, 2018

Where's My Child's Lovey

My Lovey
     So at times, it didn't seem at all outrageous for some parents to look all around the house in a desperate search for a little brown bear or some other lovey. Not when the parents could still hear their 3-year-old crying in his room." I want Sammy"
     After so many days of sleepless nights searching for this lovey, Zayden parents simply told him that Sammy cannot be found and it was time to get an new one. But Zayden refused to give up on Sammy. So when a child loses a lovey, parents often stress out as much as the child does.  Searching all around the house , the  car, and outside. This is when parents starts to go to websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy to find a replacement. This can led to paying a stiff price to make their child happy. 
     I came across a website called Lost My Lovey. It's a lost and found site created by a mom Lisa Oliver. LostMyLovey is the online lost-and-found  service for children's toys, accessories and other lost children's items. We reunite kids with their best friends!  This site seems to very helpful if your child has lost a lovey and you want to replace it. So if you want to check out this website I advise you to go here